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Reactive Remoting

Please note that this project is work in progress. The source currently doesn't build or run. My intention is to finish the first cut over the coming weeks and support the following functionality:
  • Transparent proxies of interfaces with methods returning IObservables (this will use Castle's Dynamic Proxy)
  • Abstraction of remoting transport (an implementation using Silverlight Local Messaging will be provided)
  • A sample application that uses this for remoting between Silverlight application instances in order to support Satellite Windows
  • Support for IQbservable and serialization of Expression Trees in order to run remote queries
  • The serialization of messages and expression trees will be binary (this will be abstracted although an implementation will be provided using Google Protocol Buffers)

Long term aspirations for the project are to provide additional Transports (WCF, Nirvana) and Serialization Protocols (WCF Binary DataContract).

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